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Subject:  What the record for Longest or Heaviest corn cob?

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Brisbane Australia

Im curious to give this one a crack this year, I figure big healthy plants will produce big healthy corn cobs?

6/25/2020 6:11:20 PM

Dutch Brad


Corn cob
WR: 36.25in - Bernard Lavery - United Kingdom - 1994

Not sure if this one was measured correctly. I think he included the stalk. The correct way to measure is from the base of the cob to the tip, so no stock.
There are (or at least were) yearly competitions for longest corn cobs in Mexico. Generally speaking 24 inches for just the cob is very good.

6/26/2020 3:58:40 AM


Brisbane Australia

yeah I read that it seems massive, I'd like to see a photo of the world record. Do they have weight category? I'm surprised they don't.

6/26/2020 3:42:04 PM

Dutch Brad


There is no weight category to my knowledge.

7/6/2020 5:21:53 AM

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