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Subject:  Extra corn stalks

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NE Wisconsin

Growing giant, Indian, and popcorn this year. About 90 percent of all the stalks have 2, 3, 4 extra stalks growing up from the base. As I weed I’ve been removing them, figured they would just suck nutrients and not get a cob. I’ve never seen this across about 12 different varieties of corn at this high of rate. Anyone know what causes this? Could high nitrogen do it? My patch was a pig pasture 2 years ago... real high nitrogen.

6/23/2018 12:44:39 PM

big moon

Bethlehem CT

They are called tillers, I don't mind seeing tillers come up on my corn especially if it germinated poorly, they can help fill in the patch. I think the older varieties have a greater propensity towards tillering. I have heard some people say that you have to remove them. I have never removed them. I am growing some multi colored kernel popcorn this year. They are tillering up pretty heavy.

6/23/2018 2:51:55 PM

big moon

Bethlehem CT

Here is a good article

6/23/2018 2:55:24 PM

Pumpkinman Dan

Urbandale, Iowa

Thank you Big Moon for the article!

When growing Tall Corn I've previously broken off the tillers because I looked at them as the plant unnecessarily wasting resources in growing them. According to the Pioneer study, they contribute to nutrients to the plant.

7/13/2018 3:30:09 PM

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