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Subject:  Looking for tall corn and sunflower seeds

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NE Arkansas

Hey guys, I'm looking for roughly 100 seeds of each for a project. Taller the better, I can buy it or trade for it. I have lots of great AG, melon, or other seeds. email me at jeremylindley1979@gmail.com Thanks

1/4/2018 10:52:01 AM


anytown U.S,A,

Not to steal anyones post but I am also looking for tall corn seeds the taller the better

1/4/2018 7:44:48 PM

n d fan


Hey jeremy, i think i have some. I will ck

2/6/2018 7:01:17 PM


Syracuse, NY

Holland's Land O' Giants, if he still sells them---
i was just-today sifting through my one packet of them
that i've had for about 10 years, like 18-20 feet tall
they can become----eg


click/drag and highlight, select 'Go to'
good luck---i think i'll get some more!

2/7/2018 7:48:59 AM


Syracuse, NY

sorry---right-click once highlighted, then select 'go to'.

2/7/2018 7:50:41 AM

wile coyote

St. Paul, Minnesota

You can find them on worldclassgardening.com.

2/7/2018 11:09:19 AM

n d fan


Jeremy, Al i have some but they dont give the height

2/8/2018 1:04:43 PM

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