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Subject:  Lope Chart

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NE Arkansas

Hey guys I need some help, I'm making a lope ott chart and needing some final ott numbers from everyone who still has them. I need weights and ott's from lopes from 20 lbs to the biggest. I'll post a picture on my diary once I get a little more info. I feel I'm real close to having it right I just want to check some more ott numbers and weights vs my chart. Thanks

7/16/2018 1:49:52 PM

Charles B.(Team GWG/WWGG)

Grant, AL

My lope last year was 123 OTT and 43.5 lbs!

7/16/2018 3:48:53 PM


Spring Hope N.c Usa

will send you info later.

7/16/2018 9:36:28 PM

ESheel31(team sLamMer)

Eastern Shore of VA

If I ever get one started I’ll be glad to send any info.
Still waiting to see some females.

7/16/2018 10:17:32 PM


Valencia Spain

130 ott 53 pounds

7/17/2018 4:50:03 PM


Valencia Spain

team pumpkin chart is very accurate in my opinion for cantelopes

7/17/2018 4:50:49 PM


NE Arkansas

Which chart are you referring to?

7/17/2018 10:34:54 PM


South Arkansas

Jeremy, I measured and weighed three cantaloupes and then compared those numbers to their positions on the Team-Pumpkin standard pumpkin weight estimation chart. That chart was highly accurate for my three cantaloupes. All three were of the dark green type with the thick walls. I don't think the chart would be good for the pale green type with the high OTT's but thin walls.

7/19/2018 12:02:16 PM


Smithville, Tn

124 ott 45.7 lb

7/23/2018 12:17:15 AM


Spring Hope N.c Usa

121ott 46 125ott 49.5 129ott 56.5

8/12/2018 4:43:37 PM


Spring Hope N.c Usa

124.75ott 51 pounds 127 ott 52 pounds this one was lite. One more to be weighed in a day or 2.

8/12/2018 5:38:49 PM


Spring Hope N.c Usa

last one 137.5 ott 65.9 pounds

8/17/2018 6:13:09 PM



105.5 ott 29.7 lbs, 112.25 ott 33.9 lbs official weight. I had to pick the second one a few days before getting weighed and it lost a 1/2 lb by my scales before the official weigh. Use that info as you wish.

8/17/2018 11:11:12 PM

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