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Subject:  female flowers

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Frank and Tina

South East

We are growing a giant cantaloupe for the first time and I,m not seeing any females at a time and size of the plant where if it were a melon plant, females would have come up already.
I,ve givin it some bloom booster and plenty of other nutrients on top of a fertile soil and its growing like gangbusters, yet no females. Anyone ever have a similar problems with a cantaloupe? Or am I unfortunate and am I just growing a sterile plant?? Any thoughts or idea's are welcome.

6/1/2018 10:27:45 AM


Valencia Spain

Hi there how big is plant i get females at one metre if u get impacient pinching shoots out produces females

6/2/2018 12:14:49 PM


Valencia Spain

Wait probally got females early cos tbe irrigation pipe wasnt working for a few weeks where the cantelope was but now fixed

6/2/2018 1:51:31 PM

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