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Subject:  Square Footage

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ClearlyMoronic (TeamTrenchant)

Deal With It

What is the recommended square footage per plant? Trying this for the first time this year as part of the WWGG contest.

3/2/2017 10:16:51 PM

ClearlyMoronic (TeamTrenchant)

Deal With It

chirp chirp chirp

3/5/2017 7:52:05 AM

Charles B.(Team GWG/WWGG)

Grant, AL

I'm trying them for the first time too in the WWGG contest. I think some people do around 100 sq ft and I have saw where others do 150-200 sq ft per plant. I'm going to grow 3 lopes in one of our normal melon spots that is about 300-350 sq ft. Hope this helps.

3/5/2017 8:43:43 AM

ClearlyMoronic (TeamTrenchant)

Deal With It


I'm still looking for evidence that anyone in Oklahoma has produced an official weight for a giant cantaloupe.

3/5/2017 9:35:52 AM

Smoky Mtn Pumpkin (Team GWG)

sevierville, Tn

i did 100 sq ft and that worked well.

3/5/2017 11:02:25 AM


NE Arkansas

I grew 3 in 150 Sq ft last year including my 53.4... I popped all the rest of them...

3/5/2017 11:50:01 PM

Peace, Wayne

Owensboro, Ky.

C/moron...I did notice you are part of Team Bubba, so I now understand (Clare from Claremore) & moron (part of Team Bubba)...chirp!! Just kidding, and hoping to inspire!!! 4 or 5 years ago, I grew a lope that weighed 42#'s in approx 80 sq ft. It don't take room like an AG! Peace, Wayne & hoping that bubba don't kick me outta his room...private room that is!! LOL

3/6/2017 12:50:29 AM


Spring Hope N.c Usa

I do 15x15 for lopes

3/6/2017 7:05:35 PM

Peace, Wayne

Owensboro, Ky.

Chris, after all the trips to help get your old melon dirt out of the patch...back at convention time...I am curious as to how your cucumbers are doing? LOL Peace, Wayne
& are you seriously growing lopes this year, if so? Which ones? I need all the help I can get!!

4/29/2017 2:10:49 AM

Carolyn Phillips

Nauvoo, Alabama

i dunno really.........
my first try....my plant was 36 square ft....the cantaloupe was 2 ft from the stump and grew 45 pounds.

6/18/2017 11:28:55 PM

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