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Subject:  calling all lope growers

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Ice Man

Garner, NC

This year, I have decided to concentrate on the lopes, and see what this NC weather can do. So far, I am growing 8 plants, and amazed at how fast they are,(plant growth, compared to melons).

21 Crosby, 50 Edwards, 16 Webb, 46 Westfall, couple 44 Holloways, 51 and 57 Holloway are my final lineup

So who's growing lopes this year?
How's it going, and what all seeds have seen dirt.
Is this the year of a 70lber?

6/1/2015 10:55:02 AM

Josh Scherer

Piqua, Ohio

I haven't started mine yet.
I hope someone grows a world record this year maybe it will get growers interested again. I think the 46.6 or Jake's 57.75 have the potential to go 70#'s. Scott Robb said he'll grow em again looking forward to seeing what he grows, as he obviously has it figured out. Good luck Todd hope you grow a monster.

6/1/2015 9:11:18 PM


South Arkansas

Todd, I have a row of cantaloupes too. Two are from a 52 Burns and the others are out of the 54.5 Bright and the parent of the 54.5 Bright.

6/2/2015 12:32:49 AM

Pumpkin Farm

Going Green

June 1st is starting date for Missouri because of October 5 weigh-off. The 46.6 WESTFALL is a great choice.

6/2/2015 2:08:01 PM


Valencia Spain

IM growing some But my best is 30 pounds oNY, growing open pollinated cantelope mainly

6/5/2015 4:13:44 PM

Peace, Wayne

Owensboro, Ky.

Still wishing that the official weigh-off folks, would allow an early weigh in for lopes...as they do for maters. Lopes peak, and then rot in a very quick time frame. I will be planting a couple in the next week or so. Peace, Wayne

6/10/2015 2:05:40 AM

Smoky Mtn Pumpkin (Team GWG)

sevierville, Tn

submit it on the early tomato form... call it a lopemater, its a yellow/orange heirloom variety ! LOL

6/10/2015 6:12:49 AM

Ice Man

Garner, NC

well, 5 of 8 plants are doing ok, the other 3 have gotten bacterial wilt and been pulled. Those cuke beetles are tough little citters

6/20/2015 3:14:54 PM

Carolyn Phillips

Nauvoo, Alabama

I'm growing....from my own seed stock. 45 Phillips.
5 plants.
Don't look good right now......very hot

7/13/2015 10:46:52 AM


Dodge city

I've started mine in early may and they are growing and producing already the cantaloupes are about 2 pounds but is starting to get large.

7/13/2015 4:45:26 PM


Cranbrook bc

Anyone got extra seeds?

7/18/2015 1:01:11 AM

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