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Subject:  Drying after soaking?

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Antwerp, Belgium


My sister read somewhere(and can't remember where) that it could help the germination of gourds, if after the "soaking stage" you let the seeds dry again, already seeded in soil or not.

Anyone heard of that or is even doing it? And if so, what's the purpose?

5/17/2020 8:26:47 AM


Lake Oswego, OR

That doesn't seem logical, in my opinion. The reason we soak is to soften the seed coat. Wouldn't drying them defeat the purpose?

5/20/2020 2:44:48 AM

Porkchop(team sLamMer)

Central NY

That’s worked for us before... but only because we gave up and let it dry up. It sprouted. LG’s are a pain in the rear to start. Luckily we got one going this year.

5/20/2020 9:36:41 AM

G. Kins

Catinatree, WA

There might be a natural mechanism that prevents the seed from sprouting if it thinks its underwater. Many of these gourd (and pumpkin) plants may have originally evolved to grow along river or in areas that flood. . .? The only place I have seen cucurbits growing wild over here is on riverbanks and on the Pacific coast. And gourds are not within the cucurbita species... But maybe they are in a similar group or family of plants. They do make germinating pumpkins seem as easy as eating cake. I had mixed results this year... I think 90 degrees and not too wet might be the key?

5/20/2020 10:51:48 AM


Antwerp, Belgium

Thanks all for your input!! I know I am way too late(latest frost date = May 15th) to seed but didn't have much success with the long gourd seeds I had...I only had a variety called "Extra Long Handled Dipper"

But seeding and planting too late is better than not plant at all.... :-)

I got some 2018 seeds from a Belgian grower and Paul Harrington was so kind to send me some too(not arrived yet).

Meanwhile, pumpkins are doing ok...

Greetings from sunny Belgium!!

5/21/2020 3:54:26 AM


Syracuse, NY

once they get in the GROUND, plants 'know' what time of year it is and what they need to do - it is like getting on the thruway and looking at the clock - it affects the plants' perspective and they 'hop to it'---eg

5/21/2020 1:39:29 PM

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