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Subject:  How big of trellis for one plant?

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South Dakota

I want to give these a try, but pretty limited on space. If I build a trellis that is 10 ft tall, 8 ft wide, with a 4x8 flat top, would I be able to grow one plant?

4/15/2020 9:45:56 AM

Porkchop(team sLamMer)

Central NY

Yup...although I’d go taller...

4/15/2020 10:12:20 AM

Jay Yohe

Pittsburgh, PA

That's plenty big enough but I'd go at least 12' tall.

4/15/2020 11:16:10 AM


South Dakota

12 ft tall it will be. Thanks. Would it be big enough for two plants, or is that pushing it?

4/15/2020 8:13:45 PM


bloomington Indiana

That would be pushing it.

4/15/2020 8:50:25 PM


bloomington Indiana

look at my diary august 14,2014. 10' on low end and 13' on high end 32' long. flat on top is 8'x32'. This has only three plants on it. One started early for state fair and two later on.

4/15/2020 9:20:56 PM

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