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Subject:  New to Long Goards, are those 2 the same variety?

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Antwerp, Belgium


Having some experience in pumpkins, I was thinking of growing some long goards this year. Not to get the longest or biggest or ...est one, just because I like all the possibilities of sides and shapes of the plant.

Can anyone of you tell me these 2 are the same variety?



The second picture I found on the internet and was called "Extra Long Handled Dipper". Probably correct, no?

The first picture was sent to me by someone I know, asking me if I knew the variety.

Are they the same?

Thanks for any reaction and greetings from Belgium!!

3/6/2019 6:50:06 PM

Reed's Birds and Bees

Savage, MN

Neither are long gourds. They are both dipper gourds it just the second pic was selected for longer handles.

3/6/2019 9:05:42 PM

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