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Subject:  GPC request

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If complete cessation of soft /wrinkled tip is achieved, can we ask for the same consideration given to most other other giant fruits and vegetables when being judged?

The request in short,.... Can a 'healed' gourd (firm/dry/rot free) be accepted for competition, regardless of where the 'soft spot' had previously been?

9/15/2017 5:04:11 AM

Todd K


Joel I would think that if the gourd is healed, firm, and a healthy specimen, then it would be up to the judges discretion to be able to allow it.

9/15/2017 7:45:19 AM

Orangeneck (Team HAMMER)

Eastern Pennsylvania

I actually have the same question, considering that I am a judge and I will likely be bringing a gourd like this to a weighoff. I have already experimented with one of my older Gourds and cut a couple inches of the brown end off. You can go pretty far up into the fruit before you hit the cavity of a long gourd. At the expense of losing a few inches off of your entry, I would expect that this is a legitimate fruit for competition.

Feedback from experienced long Gourd growers is encouraged. Thanks

9/15/2017 10:25:52 AM


Anamosa, IA BPIowegian@aol.com

If you cut off rot and get it to scab over like a pumpkin does after being chewed by a rabbit or groundhog I would think it would be OK. But remember the controversy over the pumpkin in Wisconsin that was later ruled dmg by the GPC, saying once its damaged its damaged forever. Pumpkins have a limit on how far small soft spots can go, but gourd rules aren't specific.

I have tried cutting rotten ends off gourds and they just kept rotting. Just like a watermelon that I had that got chewed by a rabbit this year. I treated it, scraped rot, treated it again, kept it going a month, and got it close to 100# before it finally went down. Gourds grow and mature so fast it might be tough to get one to scab over. I did nick our best gourd with a knife this year when it was real young while pruning vines. The nick did heal up but the end rotted on it.

9/15/2017 11:30:07 AM



The principal behind the innitial rule chang of soft tip was because it was cosidered genetic a flaw was it not? If this is a nutient deficieny can the rules be 'softened' to reflect this?

Do we want a 165" gourd staying home on weighoff day and have a 120" gourd win because its 'flawless'...or do we want those 165" seeds in circulation to get to that next level in years to come?

For the record, i dont know of any 165" fruit out there but it would be my first choice for seed, scabbed, wounded or wrinkled if someone does ;)

9/17/2017 3:01:00 AM

Todd K


The rule change was to help prevent damaged and rotted tipped gourds showing up at contests. It doesn't matter what the reason for the bad tips is, personally I don't think it's a genetic problem so much. I have been growing world class proven seeds and every season is different. This season we had a lot of cold weather during the prime growing stage and presently have 3 long ones with bad tips showing. They will stay at home. Gourds with tips cut off should be dmg. It would be unfair to growers finishing behind an entry with a damaged or cut off gourd. If someone grew a new world record 165" gourd with no tip the GPC would look pretty silly trying to present this new record to Guiness, not going to happen. As far as seeds go there are lots of quality pumpkin seeds going around from dmg pumpkins, so the same could happen with gourds.

9/18/2017 7:49:42 AM

Jane & Phil

Ontario, Canada

I agree with Todd. The GPC would look bad trying to present it as a new WR to Guinness.
In any case, I think that many of the LG growers today would grow the seeds from a 165" LG, damaged or not. If someone had a damaged one that big, I'm sure they would show up at a weigh off somewhere, just to show it as an exhibition only. Once word got out, then I'm pretty sure everyone would want seeds from it.
We look forward to seeing you at Port Elgin.

Good luck,
Jane & Phil

9/18/2017 8:59:30 AM



I understand. "These are not the droids you're looking for"...i will move along;).

9/18/2017 5:32:10 PM

Porkchop(team sLamMer)

Central NY

I hoping to try for a state record with a "not quite wrinkled yet" one...we'll see what they say..4 days to go

9/18/2017 6:25:41 PM


bloomington Indiana

You go chopper good luck.

9/18/2017 6:46:51 PM

Alan E.

eastern Ontario

The GPC LG rules were updated a few years ago for good reasons and by a large majority consensus.
So as not to be repetitious,I'll simply say I agree wholeheartedly with Todd.

9/21/2017 6:37:20 AM

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