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Subject:  Does anyone know what causes blossom rot in LG?

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Orangeneck (Team HAMMER)

Eastern Pennsylvania

I've lost two PB's already this year. I'm getting fed up! Thanks

9/10/2017 12:18:00 PM

Porkchop(team sLamMer)

Central NY

We're they hand pollinated?

9/10/2017 4:02:59 PM

Pumpkin Shepherd

Georgetown, Ontario

There is a great discussion on the GVGO site about this https://www.gvgo.ca/forum/general-discussion/long-gourd-wrinkled-tips Looks like it's a micro-nutrient problem according to soil and tissue samples. Possibly way too much plant that is taking the nutrients that the fruit needs. Have a look for yourself, pretty interesting stuff.

9/10/2017 5:49:07 PM


Jericho Vermont

I feel it is calcium related. We feed liquid calcium 3 times a week once gourds are growing and have had only one year out of 12 with sour tips.

9/10/2017 6:17:40 PM

Big City Grower (Team Green Gro)


I feel it's a cal thing as well keep pushing the cal n issues should go away

9/10/2017 7:38:48 PM


Anamosa, IA BPIowegian@aol.com

I would believe that too much plant is the cause of shriveled tips. The last year we had good gourds we had 5 plants is less area than 2 are taking up this year.

I don't suspect calcium. Our soil tests way high in calcium. It takes dust from a crushed limestone road. The Cedar Rapids compost I use tests high in calcium, and I bury lots of fish carcasses which have calcium in bones and scales.

I really suspect anthracnose or a similar fungus for the brown rot. All of the tall grasses and a lot of the trees on our acreage get brown fungus due to poor air circulation and high humidity. I quit using rye cover crop because it gets brown rust, and even my sweet corn got it this year.

9/11/2017 9:48:20 AM

Pumpkin Shepherd

Georgetown, Ontario

If you haven't looked at the GVGO link I provided here is the synopsis. A plant with a wrinkled tip was tissue and soil tested. Tissue test showed deficient in Calcium, Boron, and Manganese. Soil test showed High Calcium and Manganese, and adequate Boron.
The lab seems to think it's a form of blossom end rot and that there might be too much plant to support a fruit demanding more calcium then the root can supply.

9/11/2017 4:29:30 PM

Orangeneck (Team HAMMER)

Eastern Pennsylvania

I will check out the GVGO article, thank you! As for having too much plant, I really can't imagine climbing up my 12 foot trellis and attempting to prune the long gourd plants. Is that common practice?

I can definitely see anthracnose being a culprit in my patch. Daconil and heritage seem to keep away powdery mildew and most other diseases however I do believe I have anthracnose issues.

9/11/2017 4:29:57 PM

Orangeneck (Team HAMMER)

Eastern Pennsylvania

In past years I have let half dozen or more gourds grow on a given plant. This year only one or two at a time. The resulting growth was reflective of that in each gourd. I was excited that I'd made a major break thru till they started rotting!

9/11/2017 7:20:27 PM



I agree with Iowa this year I have had more black tip and rot spots than ever, it has been a really wet year. Granted I have not taken care of my gourd plants like I have before but my soil prep was the best I've done and I have sandy loam to hold Ca and other nutrients. Could black tip be a hare too much Nitrogen for the gourd to handle ??

9/11/2017 11:40:10 PM

Big City Grower (Team Green Gro)


Tissue test the plant

9/11/2017 11:49:41 PM

Dutch Brad


Your soil test doesn't necessarily say much about what your fruit is actually getting. Leaf testing is better and sap testing is the best, but expensive.
It does seem to be a deficiency in calcium and boron.

9/12/2017 5:33:19 AM


Northern Cambria, Pa.

I believe it is partially a genetic thing. For instance, the Wright 137.75 offspring seemed to have a high incidence
of black tips. Might also be too much K and/or Mg in the soil preventing Ca uptake.

9/12/2017 8:33:01 AM


Anamosa, IA BPIowegian@aol.com

I have had better results with anthracnose this year by adding neem oil to the Agri-Foss, Daconil, Infuse program. My soils are testing just adequate for boron and manganese, so I may need to bump them up next year. And better pruning will take away the stress of feeding too much plant and give better air circulation. And I will cut way back on nitrogen. The year I grew the state record was extremely wet, and the patch flooded on the last day of June. That probably leached out a lot of nitrogen and limited vine growth. I may add boron and calcium to my foliar feeding regimen too.

9/12/2017 4:00:22 PM


NE Arkansas

Yeah but soil test and tissue test can be completely different... you should tissue test and see what the plant is actually up taking

9/12/2017 10:50:01 PM


Anamosa, IA BPIowegian@aol.com

Tissue test would be great, but when top prize only pays $300, second $150 and 3rd $50, its hard to justify the expense.

9/13/2017 8:35:24 AM



If a gourd tip starts to 'wrinkle' and remedial action is taken and the progression of the 'wrinkle' is stopped, dries up and fruit remains firm and continues to grow ...can that gourd still be considered for competition?

9/13/2017 2:41:32 PM


Anamosa, IA BPIowegian@aol.com

from the GPC rules: 7) The tip of the gourd must be firm and in good condition. Those with a tip
that is rotten, shriveled or rubbery should be left at home. If such a specimen
does appear at a GPC site, it may be listed as damaged (DMG).
8) Recognizing that the perfect long gourd is a rarity, very minor surface
cracks, soft spots and other flaws may be permitted at the discretion of the
GPC judges.
So it will be up to the site judges to determine if it is good or damaged.

9/13/2017 6:17:25 PM



I think you are good as long as it isn't rotten

9/13/2017 9:57:47 PM

John Butler

Team Canuckle Heads

The original post on the GVGO site was mine. I have since changed a few things in my garden and done another leaf tissue test and posted the results this morning on the GVGO site. I now have a new opinion of leaf tissue and soi test

9/14/2017 7:29:13 AM

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