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Subject:  fertilizer

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n d fan


Do you feed l g the same as ags , also watering? Thanks Phil

2/21/2017 8:53:02 AM


Anamosa, IA BPIowegian@aol.com

I prepare the soil similarly to AG's. I learned to not over-do the nitrogen. They grow tremendous vines, cut off air circulation and then get fungal diseases. Perhaps pruning would help.

I have found that foliar and drench application of soluble tomato food high in potash once the gourds get about 5' long helps. I mix some molasses in the foliar spray. Lots of water helps. I got my best gourds after the patch was flooded and the soil was totally saturated.

2/21/2017 12:47:04 PM


Hamilton Nj

yeah im only doing 2 plaqnts last yr i did 1 and it was all over the place lol

2/21/2017 10:33:27 PM

Big City Grower (Team Green Gro)


Yes and no.. I use more cal

2/22/2017 7:45:16 PM

n d fan


Thanks for the info. Phil

2/23/2017 9:44:30 AM


Anamosa, IA BPIowegian@aol.com

I agree on the calcium. I rotate my planting site from one side of trellis to the other. On off years I bury fish heads. The bones and scales provide calcium. I'm by a road surfaced with crushed limestone, so the dust is high in calcium. And the compost I use tests high in calcium.

2/23/2017 5:36:34 PM


bloomington Indiana

Phil how come your asking all these questions? Hmmmm

2/23/2017 6:30:12 PM

n d fan


Hmmmmm lol

2/23/2017 8:00:07 PM

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