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Subject:  Long gourd WR math 139.25 vs 137.5

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Andy H

Brooklyn Corner, Nova Scotia

139.25 Ansems vs 137.5 Ansems hmmm... the 139.25 grew the present WR. The 139.25 was grown from the 120 Kline, same pollinator for the 137.5. The 139.25 grew 4 of the top 30 LG's while the 137.5 grew 11 of the top 30. The 137.5 is comparable to the 1161 Rodonis ( 1231 Pukos x 1450 Wallace )where it's pollinator grew the heavier fruit-1556 Rodonis
( 1450 Wallace x 1231 Pukos ) Look the affect the 1161 Rodonis had on the pumpkin world. If I were faced with having to choose between the two 139.25 or 137.5.....I would have to go with the 137.5.

That's a good thing, Fred is out of 139.25 seeds and the 137.5 are in limited supply. There will be in the very near future an offering of Ansems LG seeds and there will be a limited number of 139.25 seeds in the mix, however, the 137.5 will be the featured performer along with seeds from this year's crop namely the 139.38 Ansems ,130 Ansems and the 129.75 Ansems. I hope to have many 149.25 Ron Muis seeds as well ( 137.5 Ansems x 137.5 Ansems ) as long as there is a good seed count. Stay tuned, it's going to be a fun ride.

11/2/2015 9:53:50 PM

Patrick W


Andy where will the offering come from- The GVGO, auction, private?

11/3/2015 2:43:35 AM

Andy H

Brooklyn Corner, Nova Scotia

The Annapolis Valley Giant Vegetable Growers ( Nova Scotia ) will be offering some world class long gourd packages here on BP.

11/3/2015 6:07:50 AM

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