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Subject:  Has anyone grew the jumbo watson before??

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Dodge city

Hello everyone has anyone ever grew this variety before. I know that the seeds are a new variation of giant watermelons and I was thinking has anyone have had success growing these seeds.

5/1/2024 10:01:30 PM

big moon

Bethlehem CT

Hi Schalks. I personally have never grown that specific melon, but I know the genetics that went into making the original cross and I have been growing out melons with similar genetic origins for the past 7 years or so. They do have lots of size potential,I have always believe we will see a dark skinned melon that can go to 275 or more. I think it could happen this year. There are several very good growers who are growing the dark skinned melons now.

5/2/2024 7:01:23 AM


South Arkansas

Nathan, they will grow large. Just treat them like giant watermelons. Start them with a balanced fertilizer along with cottonseed meal from your feed store or kelp meal. (Kind without the salt for cottonseed meal.) After the fruit sets, use little if any additional nitrogen. Use 5% nitrogen at max after the fruit sets. Add potassium throughout the season. Lots of pumpkin and giant watermelon growers use UreaMate by Stoller to fertilize during the growing season. It has the %5 nitrogen and high potassium. This year I am growing a few Willhite Tom Watsons to cross with the Jumbo Watsons. Hopefully that will add the dark blackish rind feature to the Jumbo Watsons.

5/2/2024 11:53:15 AM

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