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Subject:  Days after pollination

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Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

How long will the watermelon grow after pollination? Trying to figure out timing fir October 7 weigh-off, but also planning for future.

7/18/2023 3:14:55 AM

big moon

Bethlehem CT

Pretty much the Same timing as Atlantic Giant pumpkins, YOu want them pollinated in June through early July.. It is getting late if you are looking to get maximum size. THe latest I know of was Andy Wolf who grew a 242 pollinated July 18th! Quite an impresssive accomplishment.

7/18/2023 6:33:37 AM


South Arkansas

90 days or more in good weather

7/18/2023 11:17:15 PM


Bowdon, GA

Lloyd is right, ungrafted melons 90 days is about as long as they grow. A ungrafted plant that come from a grafted melon will grow a little longer. A grafted melon has a different growth curve. It’s a little flatter and sometimes they can go 120 or more.

7/19/2023 9:31:45 AM


Bowdon, GA

A better way to put it might be.
Ungrafted traditional genetics 90 days
Ungrafted with grafted genetics 110
Grafted plant with graft genetics 120+

7/19/2023 9:34:27 AM



Jake is right on with his days but I would raise traditional to 100 :). Hit the early weigh off with a 85-90 day. last weigh-off with a 115-120 day if possible.

7/19/2023 1:09:33 PM


Bowdon, GA

I’m going to be hitting the last weighoff this year either way lol

7/19/2023 1:18:23 PM

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