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Subject:  Watermelon Plant Physiology

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South Dakota

I understand the sink to source concept in growing AG's where the dead heading of the vines help to direct the plants energy to the growing pumpkin. Does this same concept apply to growing giant watermelon? I have plenty of area for my watermelon to grow, it's about 250 sq ft right now, should I be cutting the tips off of vines to help direct growth to the melon? This is my second go at a giant melon. My last one was only 76 lbs, so basically a failure. Melon is 12 DAP. Thanks for any tips and/or advice.

7/11/2023 4:56:24 PM

big moon

Bethlehem CT

Hey LJ I do believe the same principles and techniques that work for giant pumpkins also apply to giant melons. Good luck with your season. I hope you grow a big one.

7/12/2023 7:08:05 AM



I start ending about the time I have chosen and have a keeper.

7/12/2023 10:44:58 AM

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