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Subject:  Till or no till

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Little Ketchup

Grittyville, WA

Is there really such a thing as too much or too little soil tillage for growing a big melon? I suppose I may just have to do a side by side comparison to really know for sure. I have solarized the area and have excellent drainage already, so those aren't factors which will be enhanced by tillage.

5/27/2023 5:00:20 AM

Little Ketchup

Grittyville, WA

Solarized... which is to say, the weeds & bugs are already gone. So in that regard, the planting area is already prepped.

5/27/2023 5:05:43 AM

Princeton Joe

Princeton Kentucky

I would stay away from no till. All melon type plants thrive is loose sandy aerated 'tilled' soil. The watermelons demand alot of oxygen in the soil and you can get it there by sub soiling, tilling, adding more sand to clay type soils. Introduce a 4 cu. Ft. Bag of peatmoss & horticulture perlite to your beds. Water drainage is good but remember fast draining soil will require a bit more watering over the season. Don't allow the melon bed to dry out. A nice loose type sandy loamy soil with cured manure/compost added along with heavy coarse sand will enhance any type growing beds 100 fold. Doesn't hurt in the fall & pre-planning season to get soil samples to your local agriculture extension office to let you know truly how your soil is. I also add a few dozen nightcrawlers/ fishing worms from bait shops to the bed. Worms fertilize & aerate your soil. They helps feed the roots & help keep the soil aerated & loose. Good luck!

5/30/2023 6:47:41 AM

Little Ketchup

Grittyville, WA

Thanks. Melons and onions are a real test of one's soil I guess. 163 Ciesielski went into a 1/2 tilled area yesterday... The roots can choose which area they like better, lol.

5/30/2023 10:50:11 AM

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