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Subject:  giantwatermelon.com

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Oak Grove, Mn

It is that time of the year to renew my giantvegetable.com domains. The first to expire will be GiantWatermelon.com. I would so much prefer that these domains would remain in the hands of growers..instead of speculators. Is anyone interested in owning the rights to this domain name. Thank you Dawn for securing giantcucumber dot com. I was really worried that it might end up being a porn site. The cost to maintain a domain ownership..using the registrar that I use..is about $12 per year. If you decide to use that registrar...it is easy for me to push the domain to your account. I you would like a different registrar..I can do that too.

In case there is more than one interested...I will put it up for bids...bids start at 25 cents.

2/24/2023 10:19:09 PM


Oak Grove, Mn

It looks like the expiration date of my ownership is april 24th.. I would prefer that if there is a new owner..that it happens sooner. I will place the end time of this at 5:32 PM March 1st. Thank you.

2/24/2023 10:26:05 PM


South Arkansas

I also have a similar domain, giantwatermelons.com. It is an active website that currently is in use for seed sales. Yes, I have received porn site inquiries.

2/25/2023 12:21:52 AM


Oak Grove, Mn

Thank you for the response Lloyd. The plurals are important. Tomato.com was my interest, but I also picked up Tomatoes.com and transferred it to Marv Meisner. It matched the title of his book.

Lloyd, obviously, what happens to GiantWatermelon.com affects you a bit. I said if more than one would be interested to put it up for bids. High dollar bid might not be the best bid. I am not looking for profit.

The minimum cost that I have found to maintain a website is about $3 per month for hosting. This is in addition to the yearly registrar fee.

Think of the possibilites of what you could do with your bit of internet real estate.

2/25/2023 7:57:17 AM


Oak Grove, Mn

proofreading...GiantTomato.com and GiantTomatoes.com

Upon the passing of Marv, I see that Don Langevin put up some info about Marv. Upon visiting the site, it has changed again..I will keep an eye on it.

2/25/2023 8:01:09 AM

Dawn, Suburban Gardener

Lakewood, WA

I'm happy to keep giantcucumber dot com and keep it as vegetable site with nothing on it yet, lol!

I used to enjoy creating web pages, but I stopped when Microsoft quit supporting FrontPage. I'll need to figure out how to code my own web pages first or learn how to utilize a new software program. I'm sure there are plenty of resources on the Internet to help me out with this. /adds to the To-Do List, the upcoming growing season is a higher priority right now. Sounds like a good winter project.

Grow 'em big in 2023!

2/25/2023 2:02:24 PM


Oak Grove, Mn

When you are ready Dawn,let me know. We can compare notes. I just got a website hosting package again. Actually the second one today..the first I cancelled after about 1/2 hour. It was irritating to me. The second one will work for much better. It is an introductory price of $3.5 per month. I paid for 3 years. Hoping something will grow in the garden in that time to post.

I love the diary post that spudder put up...Giant Cucumber Monster Girl....
Did you ever get a key to the cucumber board? The old tomato growers know what that is.

Sorry for having this in the watermelon forum...this thread is suppose to be about GiantWatermelon.com

2/25/2023 2:58:05 PM

Dawn, Suburban Gardener

Lakewood, WA

Sounds great bnot, will do!

2/25/2023 9:51:14 PM

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