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Subject:  Salute to Andrew Vial's & 236.5 inches OTT me

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Walking Man

formerly RGG

Andrew Vial has posted a picture on Facebook's Giant Watermelon Growers page of a 236.5"'s OTT melon. This contender has been harvested and is about to get weighed at a major contest. The melon's OTT inches makes it estimate heavier than the current world record maintained for several years by the 350.5 Kent melon. So my big congratulations on a new world record by Andrew provided this huge cucurbit makes it to the scale and does not go light much by the OTT chart comparison. Andrew grew this new record contender from seeds from his own 218.5 Vial. I suppose these seeds may now become hard to get. Anyway, fun stuff.

10/2/2021 6:03:27 AM

big moon

Bethlehem CT

It is a real whopper for sure. It covers most of the lifting tarp in the picture.

10/2/2021 9:24:41 AM


Central NY

Good luck!!!!!

10/2/2021 9:50:01 AM

Walking Man

formerly RGG

Sadly the melon came in very light at 329 pounds. So it was not really close to a new world record. Maybe next time. Anyway few people can say they have grown fruit as big as this one was.

10/2/2021 9:16:18 PM

big moon

Bethlehem CT

Such a huge bummer when they do that.

10/2/2021 9:41:15 PM


Western PA

Congrats to Andrew ! That is still a huge melon.

10/4/2021 11:23:49 AM

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