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Subject:  Giant water melon growing book?

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Tasmania Australia

Hi, I was just interested to know if anyone can remember what the book was called or where to get this book form?
I was a book about growing giant watermelons.
It was not a large book like the ones for growing giant pumpkins.
I seam to have miss placed mine and was looking to purchase another one, but i just can't remember what it was called or where i got it from now.
A search doesn't bring up anything unfortunately.
Any information would be appreciated.

9/24/2021 7:23:35 PM


South Arkansas

giantwatermelons.com, click on the electronic order form, Winner's Guide to Watermelon Festival Giants

9/24/2021 11:46:53 PM


Tasmania Australia

Thanks heaps, that was the one i was looking for.

9/25/2021 2:03:42 AM


Tompkinsville, KY

I still got my book that I ordered in 1983 or 84. It was called Growing Giant Watermelons an Arkansas Tradition.

2/26/2022 10:02:42 PM

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