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Subject:  Grow Lights On All The Time??

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South Dakota

I have my watermelon seedlings under indoor grow lights, do I leave the lights on all the time, or do they need to be turned on and off?

3/22/2021 1:44:47 PM

big moon

Bethlehem CT

I have seen discussions on this in the past on here that go both ways. I personally don't see any benefit from turning them off.

3/23/2021 7:27:36 PM

big moon

Bethlehem CT

If you have one of those super high intensity lights that the pot growers use. You could definitely save some electricity by turning them off for 8-10 hours or a day with out compromising on plant quality.

3/23/2021 7:30:28 PM


Hawesville, ky

I personally put mine under light for 24 hour. Only reason is to get them bigger faster. Then i acclimate them for a couple days and they go in the ground. I wouldnt recommend leaving them under 24 hour lights for long period of time "weeks" it will cause a deal of plant stess and speed up your chances of really geting root bound. With that it will cause leaves to want to turn slightly yellow and plant will try to vine out and try to produce flowers "male and female" all signs of stress. Not the end of the world but also not ideal. Also can cause vines to become alot more brittle. Hope this makes since and this is iust what i have found and my 2 cents

5/4/2021 8:07:44 AM

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