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Subject:  Differences in jbd and regular bd

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Dodge city

what are the differences between jumbo black diamond and the regular black diamond watermelon?? Like growing days from seed to fruit weight, size etc.. thanks. I had trouble growing jumbo black diamond watermelon every year and the soil i usually grow is sand type. Is it the fertilizer i use or not enough protection for the belly of the watermelon. Now for the regular black diamond if im not mistaken. How many pounds it cang get. I grew one that weighed 30 pounds but ive read on some sources it can get between 50 to 75 pounds under fair conditions.. is this the same with the jumbo black diamond.

9/29/2020 10:32:30 PM

big moon

Bethlehem CT

The Jumbo Black Diamond is a select strain taken from the Black Diamond variety. It's been selected for size. Ordinary Black Diamond seed has the potential to grow 75 pounds or more given good conditions. Jumbo Black Diamond is the competition version of the Black Diamond, just like Atlantic Giant seed purchased at the hardware store, is not the same as the "competition" Atlantic Giant strain you get from serious growers.
Jumbo Black Diamond can grow over two hundred pounds as proven by Chris Kent with his 205 JBD.
Perhaps LLoyd Bright will see this thread and chime in. It was his strain of JBD that grew the 205.

9/30/2020 8:45:53 AM

big moon

Bethlehem CT


9/30/2020 8:47:44 AM


South Arkansas

Nathan, the standard black diamond has been around a long time. It has a strong rind and makes a good shipper melon but doesn't have the size needed for weight contests. The Jumbo Black Diamond was developed to win at the Luling, Texas contest. For decades, the contest winners there were always in the 50 to 80 pound range. By going with the Jumbo Black Diamond, the growers there are growing far larger watermelons for their contest. In addition to larger size, the jumbos have higher sugar content and better heart structure.

10/1/2020 2:04:50 PM

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