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Subject:  Browning, dying leaves.

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719.5 Pounder

North Of The Border

I have a giant watermelon plant, that was doing reply well, until about 2ish weeks ago. Around that time, some of the older leaves started turning light brown around the edges.

I wasn't to worried at first, as I thought it was sunburn. So I erected a shade cover, on the hoops I had for its hoophouse, with a thin sheet. It looks the same as before, except, even more leaves were dying.

Then I thought maybe it was too little sun. We had had a few cloudy days before I noticed it, and afterwards, I had shaded it. So, I took off the shade cover. It still continued to die off, and didn't look good.

I then thought maybe, one of my fertilizer applications had gotten on the leaves, and burned them. So I had stopped fertilizing for a while. It did not help.

Once the leaves turned light brown, theu would fall over and die, however, they were still brittle and not floppy.

Could anyone tell me what's going on?

7/12/2020 7:18:49 AM


Central NY

Check for mites... can’t keep them off mine this season

7/12/2020 7:30:51 AM

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