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Subject:  Vines are splitting

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Dutch oven


I have a Kent watermelon and the vines are splitting on one of my melon plants. We have had a lot of rain lately but I don’t know if that is the reason as another plant looks fine. Any thoughts? If I figure out how to post a picture, I wlll.

6/21/2020 7:39:23 PM

Dawn, Suburban Gardener

Lakewood, WA

Welcome aboard, Dutch Oven!

Your best bet is to start a Grower's Diary and post photos there. Great to see you here!

6/21/2020 8:09:27 PM

big moon

Bethlehem CT

Hi Dutch oven, I thought of a couple of things. There is a disease called gummy stem blight that can cause the stems to split. You would have other symptoms as well and the plant would not be healthy overall. The other possibility could be that it is environmental. I found this link. Hopefully it is this one and you will see your plant grow out of it and do just fine. Gummy Stem Blight is harder to manage.

Suburban gardener is right, one of the best ways to get accurate advice on here is to post a diary with pictures so people can see the problem.

6/22/2020 7:05:34 AM

Walking Man

formerly RGG

Is your plant grafted ?

6/23/2020 6:41:27 AM


Hawesville, ky

Every melon plant I've ever have had, grafted or traditional all the vines split some. Some worse than others. I find it normal in my patch and dont pay it any attention, has never caused any issues at all.

6/24/2020 11:20:10 PM

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