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Subject:  Vine burying?

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719.5 Pounder

North Of The Border

Yes or no.

6/5/2020 7:06:08 AM

719.5 Pounder

North Of The Border

"To bury, or not to bury. That is the question"
"There is no try, only bury, or do not bury"

6/7/2020 8:40:44 AM

big moon

Bethlehem CT

No burying for me.

6/8/2020 7:56:00 AM


Central NY

As first timer in the northeast I would recommend not burying...too wet up here...especially with our clay soil..would also recommend some type of weed block.. they don’t like any competition for canopy space and are a pain to weed around once they get going. Weed fabric? Straw?...I haven’t decided yet. These don’t get grown a whole lot up this way so a 100lber may as well be a world record to anyone you show!...fun plant. Good luck grower!...

6/8/2020 10:04:00 AM


Central NY

I just saw on another post that your soil is sandy...in that case it’s your call...I would prefer it sandy for melons...easier put the screws to them.

6/8/2020 10:08:09 AM

719.5 Pounder

North Of The Border

I did just cover the bed with 25 cubic feet of straw compost, so hopefully no weeds

6/8/2020 11:01:25 AM


Here is one discussion. I think Smokey is supposed to be a pretty decent grower.


6/8/2020 3:10:19 PM




6/8/2020 8:41:21 PM

Walking Man

formerly RGG

Grower, be careful with the straw as it can create vine rot in hot, wet & humid situations.At least that was my experience one year. Weeds have to be controlled for sure but a lot of straw is capable of growing above ground fungus causing problems which can end melons or damage their vines so much they are no longer competitive.

6/23/2020 6:25:56 AM

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