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Subject:  Top ten New names on board!

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Bubba Presley

Muddy Waters

1    341.50    Vial, Andrew    Liberty    North Carolina    United States    Tennessee Valley Fair    255 Mitchell 11    302 Kent 14    233.0    343.00    0.0
2    341.00    Mudd, Frank    Vine Grove    Kentucky    United States    Roberts Family Farms    302 Kent    Self    229.0    325.00    5.0
3    333.50    Mudd, Frank    Vine Grove    Kentucky    United States    Tennessee Valley Fair    305 Mudd    Self    232.0    337.00    -1.0
4    324.00    McCaslin, Nick    Hawesville    Kentucky    United States    Operation Pumpkin    146.5 Young    Self    233.0    344.00    -6.0
5    321.00    Glascow, Spencer    Bessemer    Alabama    United States    Allardt Pumpkin Festival    288 White    146.5 Young    235.0    352.00    -9.0
6    316.00    Mudd, Frank    Vine Grove    Kentucky    United States    Bear Wallow Farm    199.5 mudd    selfed    224.0    307.00    3.0
7    308.50    Jackson, Steven    Spruce Pine    Alabama    United States    Roberts Family Farms    276 White    Open    229.0    327.00    -6.0
8    295.00    Vial, Andrew    Liberty    North Carolina    United States    Yadkin Valley Pumpkin Weigh-off    233 Dawson    302 Kent    220.0    293.00    1.0
9    293.50    Mudd, Frank    Vine Grove    Kentucky    United States    Kentucky State Fair Largest Pumpkin/Watermelon Contest    305 Mudd    Selfed    219.0    288.00    2.0
10    277.00    Mudd, Frank    Vine Grove    Kentucky    United States    Operation Pumpkin    304 Mudd    Selfed    212.0    264.00    5.0

10/13/2019 7:50:32 AM

Bubba Presley

Muddy Waters

We see New Great growers on board.This is what keeps the hobby alive.Congrats to all of you & Frank to.It has a lot to do with effort & determination.A green thumb is always good to.CONGRATS AGAIN TO THE CUCUMBERS this year!

10/13/2019 7:53:47 AM

Bubba Presley

Muddy Waters

& dont forget Spencer he has been around a while.It also pays to keep at it.Even a crusty cucumber can win! LOL

10/13/2019 7:55:52 AM

andrew943 GWG

Liberty nc

Lol thanks mark. It’s cool to see new people on top!

10/13/2019 9:35:29 PM

Tennessee Dreamer (Team Bubba)

Malabon City, Manila, The Philippines

New top growers is exactly what the giant watermelon growing community needs to keep advancing this tremendously fun hobby.

10/14/2019 1:33:55 AM

John Van Sand Bagus


congrats to all

10/14/2019 7:48:57 AM


Spruce Pine Alabama

Thanks,Mark. It has been a fun year for the Jackson boys. After the first 3 weeks this year I was wanting to pull all our plants up and just get ready for next year. . Then some how we ended up with 2 new PB a 243 graft from Daniels 288 and a 308.5 traditional from Daniels 276.
I had some Great Seeds from Daniel . Currently we’re getting ready for next year. Then my wife is ready for me to take a break, but I’ll prob be sneaking in a lil patch time here and there LOL.

10/14/2019 12:51:29 PM



Well impressive how 290 seems the norm now is it down to soil improved or genetics well done to all growers, hopefully one day I will grow 200 pounder

12/6/2019 10:05:45 AM

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