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Subject:  Beginner Questions

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Kirchen (Sieg)

Hey everybody, after reading and watching some Videos.

Can someone tell me if i´m on the right way? :)

Should i try to get the Plant as big as possible until the Bloom?

I would pollinate 3 Melons and just pick the fastest growing one.After that, should i cut the Vine?is it helpful the Cut anything on the Plant or should i just care about fertilizing and keeping the Plant healthy?

I would mix the complete Soil and grow in 16x16 Beds, how deep does it need to be if i can´t use my Ground?We got really bad ground here, so i need to grow completely in the bed.

Thanks already for your Answers :)

8/13/2019 5:36:54 PM

big moon

Bethlehem CT

Yes try and get the plant as big as possible before setting melons. However don't wait too long. A melon fruit needs 50 warm days (at least) to reach full size. Some grow much longer. I have heard of growers seeing growth up through 90 days!
Most growers that I know don't train and prune vines like the Atlantic giant growers do. They allot a certain amount of space and cut off all growth beyond that space. 200-300 square feet minimum.
Melons like well drained soil. You can add sand, peat or compost to help with the soil structure. I hope this helps.

8/13/2019 7:05:06 PM

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