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Subject:  Leaf Wilting Problem

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Milan L

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Hello melon heads - my leaves seem to be wilting a bit and I don't think this should be happening



Come evening (6 pm-ish) they seem to bounce back and are perfectly fine. There's good air circulation in the greenhouse and it's not too hot or humid. I think I'm doing a good job with the watering - not too wet or dry. I water overhead around 10am each day by hand - is that a bad idea? Should I just water the dirt around and not the leaves? is 10am too late to water?


8/7/2019 2:41:46 PM

Milan L

Winnipeg, Manitoba

That photo was taken at 1:42 pm. Temperature about 80F / 26C. UV index 7

8/7/2019 2:44:15 PM

andy W

Western NY

I have noticed that watermelon are way more susceptible to wilt caused by a quick shift in temp and humidity. Mostly, the only time I've had a problem with this is when the plants are still in the pots in my big greenhouse. Cold night, everything closed up, then sun comes out and heats it up. I'll open the doors so that it doesn't overheat inside, and the melons will wilt. Put them out in the shade and they bounce back after a bit.

Normally, once I plant out in the garden and the roots get established I haven't had the problem again, but I'm out in the open air. You might be getting a similar effect growing inside.

8/7/2019 3:36:33 PM

Tennessee Dreamer (Team Bubba)

Malabon City, Manila, The Philippines

Is the enclosure really good for these plants ? I mean it is August.

8/7/2019 6:49:17 PM

Milan L

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Thanks, Andy - that might be why. I'll open the greenhouse much earlier in the mornings then.

Here in Winnipeg, even in August, the temperatures (especially overnight) can still get really cold - so I do think the enclosure is good in that sense. Even tonight is going to be chilly and get in the single digits; 9C (48F)

8/7/2019 8:11:39 PM


Omaha, Nebraska

You might check for signs of squash vine borers.

8/7/2019 9:12:53 PM

Milan L

Winnipeg, Manitoba

I did a check earlier - nothing. Haven't had squash vine borers at all during the 5 years I've been growing giant vegetables - let's hope it stays that way

8/7/2019 9:27:24 PM

Don Crews


Mine do that when it’s hot n the greenhouse and the soil is too dry. Check around, closer to the crown you may be drier than you think.

8/8/2019 12:24:33 AM

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