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Subject:  Weigh off's to go to?

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Any melon weigh off's that i don't know about? Is the one in Kentucky just a watermelon weigh off or do they have pumpkin division too? Thanks

6/23/2019 9:32:32 AM

Tennessee Dreamer (Team Bubba)

Malabon City, Manila, The Philippines

Kentucky has pumpkins too. They put on a great show for the attendees. The Tennessee State Fair is a fairly good one in early September you probably don't know about. But it is not a GPC event & since the Tennessee Valley Fair in Knoxville went GPC 3 or 4 years ago thanks to David Cantrell, they have been completely upstaged as both events occur at pretty much the same time.

6/27/2019 6:34:58 AM

Tennessee Dreamer (Team Bubba)

Malabon City, Manila, The Philippines

Of course you can go to the GPC list of weigh off history & there it is easy to find all of the events under their big tent.

6/27/2019 6:36:41 AM


Southern Plains

If you're looking for something nearby, in September, I suggest the following:


Pumpkins included, but it's a comparatively short drive.

6/29/2019 5:57:12 AM

Smoky Mtn Pumpkin (Team GWG)

sevierville, Tn

Kentucky is great. Huge turnout. Great grower suport. Some of the best melons and pumpkins you will see !

6/30/2019 12:24:30 PM


NE Arkansas

Tony the Tennessee State Fair at Nashville and Tennessee Valley Fair at Knoxville are the exact same day and start about 2 hrs a part. Old Washington Farmers Market in South Arkansas is a watermelon only GPC contest.

7/1/2019 10:59:52 AM


NE Arkansas

But like Chris said Kentucky at Roberts Family Farm is a great weigh off. Operation Pumpkin at Hamilton Ohio is another awesome weigh off. Hopefully I'll get to make the trip to the North Carolina State Fair this year.

7/1/2019 11:04:04 AM

Peace, Wayne

Owensboro, Ky.

Did I hear correctly that Frank is bringing Clyde to Robert's Farm this year? Wearing her brand new bloomers?

7/1/2019 3:37:26 PM



Thanks guys just try to get the dates so i can write them down on the calender.

7/4/2019 8:45:43 AM

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