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Subject:  Beginner Questions

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Milan L

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Is seed starting the same for watermelons as giant pumpkins ? I know they like it hotter, 90-95 F, but do I still file the side of the seeds ? Soak in seaweed with paper towel in incubator overnight? What do you recommend?

Is there a specific pruning pattern like pumpkins ? Keep main and secondaries, prune off tertiary vines?

Also, when I graft the two plants together, I should pinch of what will become the vine on one of them, correct? I'm really new to this...

3/24/2019 11:56:31 PM

Milan L

Winnipeg, Manitoba

is there a preferred grafting method ?


3/25/2019 12:07:49 AM



I have soaked them and filed but i also have just planted them right in the potting mix and did just as good, Like you say 90-95f to germ and it seemed that the longer in moist conditions the more prone to the seed rotting. So thats why i just plant the seed straight in the soil mix.

3/30/2019 9:14:57 AM

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