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Subject:  newbie fertilizing advice

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G. Kins

Pirates of the Pacific

I have a question... if me and wile coyote were to have a melon growing competition... And I used miracle grow and he didnt... Who would win? I dont know the first thing about growing watermelons all I know is I need some dang good advice if I am going to beat his 377 lb monster. Are you up for a friendly competition wile coyote?

2/19/2019 4:20:10 AM

wile coyote

St. Paul, Minnesota

Glen, first marrow, now watermelon. Last year was the first year I was able to grow a watermelon bigger than an softball.
I am up for a friendly competition. Do you want to add cantaloupes to the competition? I've grown softball sized cantaloupes before with little care.

2/19/2019 9:09:04 AM

big moon

Bethlehem CT

I think the use of miracle grow when used with other things should help you out Glen. SInce you are both Northern growers I think the deciding factor would be who has the better weather. Whoever has more sun and more heat will win.

2/19/2019 9:18:29 AM

G. Kins

Pirates of the Pacific

Best of three wile? Or most total pounds? I know neither of us is an expert right, but I am curious to see the ambitious tricks you will come up with and I wonder if I can come up with any myself. It could be interesting... similar climates and growing experience. We could both run into lots of problems or reach a high level of success. Who knows.

2/19/2019 5:16:51 PM

wile coyote

St. Paul, Minnesota

Highest weight in 2 out of 3 categories. I've got a few ideas I've been looking for an excuse to try.

2/19/2019 6:17:49 PM

G. Kins

Pirates of the Pacific

I have a cantelope set and a marrow too but no watermelon... She is the least happy plant... Not a good year for peppers or watermelon here we have had one week of summer in the past two months. Thats my excuse. I'll let you know how the cantelope and marrows do...!

8/10/2019 3:57:11 PM

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