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Subject:  Pumpkin Heating up

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Roseville CA

It is forecasted to be 107 on Tuesday and Wednesday for this week. I am afraid that the pumpkin itself would heat up. Is there any way to keep the whole plant cool other than misting?

Because of my late pollination, these hot days will occur at the beginning of my pumpkin's peak growth faze. I want to do something, to prevent my pumpkin from completely stopping growing because I have heard that if it gets to that heat the plant would completely shut down.

8/13/2022 11:35:09 PM


Mead, WA

In addition to misting,, Fans a/c Styrofoam coolers with ice and fan, shade, blocks of ice on dirt,water trench around but not touching pumpkin, cloth on pumpkin like a white shirt.

8/14/2022 8:15:52 AM


Mead, WA

Try reading shade cloth post for % for your area of amount to use it.

8/14/2022 8:31:33 AM


I’ve learned localized cooling on the pumpkin does nothing. You have to keep the entire plant cool on those 105+ days. We had record heat in the Midwest years back with many days in a row over 105. Everything aborted using coolers, ice etc. I ended up building a massive tent structure to have the entire plant in shade during the wave. The ice and cooler methods work well in the 90s, but once it is really hot, that’s a bandaid on melanoma. You really need to make the entire plant comfortable.

8/14/2022 9:55:38 AM

Little Kins

Grittyville, WA

Is there some reason you dont want to overhead irrigate? It doesnt get any easier than an impulse sprinkler on a timer.

8/14/2022 10:26:53 AM


Lodi, California

I think Overhead is taboo here in california

8/14/2022 12:03:16 PM


Roseville CA

Thanks for all the advice! My pumpkin patch dose not have electricity, but I am going to put a small usb fan, not sure how much that helps… I do have 40% shade cloth over my entire patch, and the patch is surrounded by trees, so usually the patch itself dose not ever go over 100 due to the micro-climate, but we never got temps this high. Both my pumpkins are around DAP 20 and 60 to 70 pounds.

The reason I never did over-head irrigation, is because I don’t want the funky monkey, and I don’t really have too much experience with over head sprinklers…

My patch: http://www.bigpumpkins.com/Diary/DiaryViewOne.asp?eid=333740

8/14/2022 1:07:30 PM


Syracuse, NY

Okay, I give up -What is the 'Funky Monkey'?
Also, with that much of a gap between your shade cloth and the plant there's probably nothing/not much being done to control the local ambient temperature, ie. the temperature at the height of the plant;
IF you were to use super-strong cord or electric fence wire and SUPPORT it at the middle of the plant as well, you'd be able to lower it quite a bit and even drape the cloth across the area at will - ( I JUST saw someone's diary post a day or two ago of their arrangement) or similar to what Joel Holland does with Floating Row Cover - Just like a car cover in a dusty garage - no gap = most protection; For me, I'd have SOME gap (2-3 feet max); Just today I had one of my micro plants flagging to the point of 'OMG, that's the WORST flagging ever!' I accidentally had it overhead watering for about 15 seconds until i stopped it because it wasn't on my 'list'; An hour later it was in the shade and was as turgid as ever, but there'd been no change in the air temp. otherwise. I personally do not worry about flagging due to these observations. You should concentrate all your efforts on simply shading the pumpkins themselves with
mini-greenhouse structures and tarps. No white coverings. I've said it somewhere that if lost in the desert, would I want a WHITE, thin, little tee shirt on or a thick, black cloak (with plenty of water in either case, lol)? I've yet to Google or see any evidence that WHITE materials are any better at dissipating heat or reflecting sunlight, etc. It seems to be an easy go-to because it's what's usually available, but anyway---
Ummm, in looking at your pumpkin patch, at LEAST do something about the loose fabric grommets along the cords - that needs to be pulled and secured super-taut, if nothing else---eg

8/14/2022 6:10:35 PM

Bubba Presley

Muddy Waters

Shade netting the entire plant & farther if have the time & shade cloth I like 40% in a real sunny region.It will drop your ground temp 20 degrees on the surface

8/14/2022 8:06:53 PM

Bubba Presley

Muddy Waters

The funky monkey is disease typically brought on by over watering

8/14/2022 8:17:54 PM

Bubba Presley

Muddy Waters

You can mist the plant along with the shade netting a few times a day Say noon for 10 minutes 2pm 10 minutes & 4 pm 10 minutes. If you live in a humid region like Michigan thats the most I would do.If you are in a dry region like Arizona you can mist a lot more & not get the Funky Monkey Good luck!

8/14/2022 8:24:20 PM


Roseville CA

Thanks for all the advice. I will probably go in around 2 and 3 and give the plants a good over head watering. I wish I lived closer to my patch… I will also build a good structure over my young pumpkins, to provide shade. Other than that, I don’t think I can really do anything. I might also throw some ice around my pumpkins as a last resort, if it gets over 107.

Although it may not seem like too much shade because the shade cloth is so high, because of all the trees around it, it provides shade for the evening. The only time I have very little shade is from 7-12 am, which tends to be quite cool.

8/14/2022 9:07:01 PM

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