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Subject:  Plant growth

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Kutztown Pa

Seed started 5/4/22 plant grew very quick to a size of 1200 sq/ft. Pollinated 6/28/22 pumpkin is 400 lbs. But plant has been showing the slow dying of older leaves almost in seniority order. Started at the base of main vine first and back the 1st secondaries as in wrorking from base out. Pumpkin growth has also been slowing down. No damage to vine, stump is good, been watering as needed and no signs of SVB. Soil sample has everything where it needs to be. A few years back found someone put Roundup on plant when container was found in the brush near by. And this has the same way of dying as the plant did than! I hope not but could anyone think of any other ideas to cause this issue?

7/28/2022 10:24:01 AM


Kutztown, PA

Time, isn't the dying off of older leaves around the stump and the oldest leaves on the main a normal progression as the season moves forward?

7/28/2022 10:55:53 AM


Kutztown, PA

Do you new growth going too or have you dead headed all your vines by now?

7/28/2022 10:57:17 AM


Kutztown Pa

Plant is to young for it to be prematurely dying. Leaves are dying quicker than age progression rate. Even a new tertiary that tried to grow off one of the first secondries is dying. And that shouldn't be happening.

7/28/2022 11:10:33 AM

KC Kevin

Mission Viejo, CA

Any number of diseases will cause that. I've dealt with it for years. Starts at the stump and just works its way out.

Last year I ran soil and tissue tests for disease and am using a fungicide rotation this year as a result. The tests are not cheap, but my plant so far is aging normally with no die-off or disease symptoms showing.

Having my best year by far!

7/28/2022 12:17:39 PM


Western PA

You could have a nutrient deficiency. My plant was getting leaves getting yellow around the outside edge, closest to the stump and working outward. A lot of leaves on the plant were also getting yellow with dark green veins. The oldest leaves are now a crispy mess, useless.
I figured it was either a manganese or potassium deficiency. I had a tissue test done and was wrong with both my guesses. I was very low on iron, and copper and sulfur were a little low. The squash is not growing great either on this particular plant. My other pumpkins are doing great.
It was way too early for this plant to have a disease in my patch. Disease always comes in mid August for me.

I would suggest a tissue test to you. Good luck.

7/28/2022 1:18:07 PM

Gerald UK

Watlington, UK

Older leaves will die naturally via the process known as Programmed Cell Death (PCD). There are multiple mechanisms at play, one of which is hormonal. It's 'possible' that in the area of PCD where your old leaves are, some of these hormones are also affecting the young leaves in your tertiary vines.

7/30/2022 5:15:46 PM

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