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Subject:  The affect of 90 plus temps

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Kutztown, PA

So my pumpkins shut down to a slow crawl this last week gaining only 15-20 lbs. a day. The temps are better today and expected to be in the 80's most of the day. In fact right now at 9:00 a.m. it's 69. Should I expect growth to rebound? If so when?

7/26/2022 8:58:10 AM


Longourditude -122.16

What DAP are they? I take it no shade/ overhead watering? So, drip lines...?

7/26/2022 9:47:12 AM


Kutztown, PA

30-40 DAP - overhead watering. There under sheets with a shade tarp. Last week heat was brutal.

7/26/2022 9:55:28 AM


Westmoreland, KS

Heat sucks...I'm happy when I'm in the 90s. I don't normally see any rebound but if you keep them well fed and watered their growth will continue as long as your plant is healthy.

7/26/2022 11:35:07 AM


Torrance, Ca.

Yeah, rebounds are hard to get back. What Jake said, keep the plant healthy and 20 a day for the next month will add up!

7/26/2022 2:19:16 PM


Southern Plains

Yeah, those 90s can be pretty rough.

Today was Day 19 of 100+ in the month of July here.

7/26/2022 6:13:36 PM

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