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Subject:  Pumpkin leaning forward

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New York

My pumpkin is on dap 19 and it’s leaning forward. It is not leaning onto the vine yet but it looks like it might once the pumpkin gets bigger. I don’t think it is caused by stem stress I think it is just the way the pumpkin has been growing. Is there anything I should do to stop this? I posted a picture on my diary it should be up soon.

7/25/2022 12:07:27 PM



I like to see them tip that way instead of away from the vine.Id want to rotate it a little more than tip it level.I believe clockwise to get the downstream vine clear of the shoulder a little better. Ive got one shaped just like yours and its leaning the same.I tipped it early to keep it from rolling over its blossum and ended up with over tippage. Plus its on a 10Degree slope so I might be screwed.They tend to get a good flat spot on them so I dont think yours will be a problem tipping wise. Youll want to keep the vine hoisted as it will get lifted as the pumpkin gets taller.If you do try to level it (use sand) you better do it tomorrow they dont get smaller.

7/25/2022 7:45:30 PM


Syracuse, NY

I would be the crazy person and stand with both feet on either side of the fruit and gently lift it slightly and barely rotate it backward until you have it all set, as long as there is what appears to be nothing holding the main vine in place.
There is a dent in the styrofoam, no doubt and that will act as a bearing, however slight; For piece of mind, you could push and wiggle the styrofoam toward the stem about an INCH initially to pre-load the arrangement such that 'you mean business'. Good Luck---eric g

7/26/2022 4:18:21 AM


I'm with Cojoe 100%, looks okay to me. Keep the vine hoisted as it grows is key. If you do decide to move\level it, do it in the middle of the day asap. The stems break very easily, and a half second error can end that pumpkin.

7/26/2022 8:28:13 AM

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