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Subject:  SVB

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Hey everyone. So I have been trying to advance my pesticide program this year. I have been doing systemic pesticide (Bayer tree and shrub) I have been doing a Drench and foiler every three weeks or so. Today I noticed 3 leaves with brown spots at the top of the stalk and the leaf was wilting sure enough grub in the stalk. What gives? I know you need the active ingredient in tree and shrub to take care of these guys. I re drenched tonight. What does everyone else do/ use? Merit?
Thanks everyone.

7/22/2022 10:00:21 PM


Syracuse, NY

Well, since I spent the last hour very-willingly researching SVBs (especially since I THOUGHT that Imidacloprid is ineffective against SVB), here is the end result for ME in that this will be very interesting reading, if nothing else;
Please hit the 'Page Down' button on your standard desktop keyboard *14 times* to get to the Spinosad and Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) sections, as it is not a lot of READING, but a lot of SECTIONS:


If it's worthless to those whom know otherwise, that is OK but it opened my eyes wide to the problem for anyone whom has these monsters to deal with.
Imidacloprid all the way for Cuke beetles, though! later---eric g

7/23/2022 3:53:43 AM


Central Illinois

Bayer tree and shrub is a very weak product, I would use some like Centerfire https://www.domyown.com/centerfire-75-wsp-p-23055.html or Dominion https://www.domyown.com/dominion-2l-termiticide-concentrate-p-1223.html

7/23/2022 5:59:12 AM



Thank you. Problem I am also having is I live in MA. Some of these products they do not ship to this state. I appreciate the help guys

7/23/2022 8:14:13 AM


South Dakota

I too have been using Tree and Shrub for three years now and now this year, with the help of a very successful grower, I finally got the control I was looking for. I was applying too little in way to little water. My first application was at plant out time and still in the tunnel, May 10, 2 teaspoons for the 6x8 area in 2 gallons water. Second application on June 17, 10 tablestoons on 300 sq ft in 10 gallons of water. July 15 I applied at the 8 oz/1000 rate on the whole patch. No SVB problems this year yet, fingers crossed. I will apply again mid August. I think the key to most of this is the amount of carrier (water). I use the foliar drench which means I use so much carrier that it runs down the stalk and into the root zone. Also, the Tree and Shrub is just a baseline chemical, I rotate insecticide/fungicide every week to 10 days. SVB are a season ender a lot of the time. My last AG, I must have cut out at least a hundred larva through the season. I was still finding some in the vines when I cleaned out the patch in late October. Supposed to be only one generation/year here, but it must stretch out most of the season.

7/23/2022 8:51:41 AM


Sharon, MA

At this point, I used 3 merit drenches and 3 Talstar Professional Sprays on the leafs. So far I don't see and SVB damage. But you never know...

7/23/2022 3:05:23 PM


Syracuse, NY

I think you should research Bt a bit more - It doesn't look like it is restricted in MA, but you do what you want---eg


Also, the moth itself is not the problem, per se', but if you see it,
it's already done it's thing, most likely. Last night, I saw many, many preventive measures to avoid its becoming a problem, but who has the time to try them all or type them out?
eg out---eg

7/23/2022 6:02:21 PM


Syracuse, NY

its thing OMG, I mis-punctuated! aauugghh...

7/23/2022 6:05:34 PM

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