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Subject:  A mounded-up main vine?

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Longourditude -122.16

Has anyone tried this? Growing it down a berm or raised bed, aka raised up bit higher than the rest of the patch?

7/22/2022 7:21:00 PM

big moon

Bethlehem CT

I am aware of growers starting to berm up the Main vine as it approaches the pumpkin. The goal is to try and keep as many roots as possible.

7/23/2022 8:35:19 AM

Smallmouth (Team Ozark)


I have done this every year since 2010, but my mound is maybe 3 inches higher than the rest of the patch and slowly graded down. I know it is old school, but it helps keep the stump dry in these nasty humid conditions. 106 and humid today, should be great for the plant.

There was a dude on here many years back who grew on a cliff or very steep hill side. I'll see if I can dig it up, but this was clearly all he had to work with.

7/23/2022 8:50:10 AM


President - GPC

I have always mounded my pumpkins, maters, cucumbers, peppers, on kins Ill run almost a 4 foot circle and at least 6" high, and keep it mounded, ferts and water run off to the perimeter. has always worked well for me.

7/25/2022 10:11:27 AM


Kutztown, PA

Mine are all on mounds about 6" and tapered down with about a six foot radius. I still had two foaming stumps. Last year I had to plants on mounds and had one foaming stump.

7/26/2022 11:02:33 AM

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