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Subject:  https://reporting.giantstogrow.com/

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Well, after 10 hours over around a month long, the web hosting provider finally fixed their servers. This has happened three years in a row now to my sites. Anyway, if you need your data, please feel free to export it. I do plan to keep the site up since I have 11 years of data and the site allows me to easily compare my pumpkins from year to year.

They also took down all the sites that have giantstogrow.com in their name. If you have an error, please clear your cookies for this site and it will work fine.

Sorry for the inconvenience and I thought it best to post here versus emailing everyone.

Happy Growing!


7/14/2022 10:52:03 PM


Penryn CA

Thank you. I was able to access the site.

7/16/2022 9:36:09 AM

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