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Subject:  This is why you should read this site

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Here is a couple of insights from good growers that were posted on seemingly mundane threads. You just never know when you are going to get more knowledge even when you do not think it applies to you now but might in the future.

From VTJohn ---- "I use molasses every time I feed. I overhead water so it is also a foliar and helps sweeten the leaves to help with cuke beetles who like bitter."

Now there is a helpful hint on cucumber beetles posted on a thread about molasses.

From cjb ---- "I try to be strategic with foliar application out of concern that it can degrade leaves. Last year I had accelerated leaf aging just from sprinkling with city water on hot days, so I'm taking a much more measured approach."

This is from a thread on foliar applications and you learn that something can be aging your leaves even with no nutrients added.

7/14/2022 1:41:38 PM


Kutztown, PA

Spudder - the thing is us "newbies" don't know who's a good grower and who isn't. We don't know how long folks have been growing and we don't know peoples names by their AKA's on this site. We also don't know if the tidbits of knowledge are still valid since apparently techniques and paradigms aren't static. For sure experience is extremely important in any endeavor but it's usually ones own experience that's the most valuable. Anyway - how do you know if cucumber beetles even have taste buds? :)

7/14/2022 2:10:08 PM


Kutztown, PA

Well ok they do have taste buds, i.e. chemoreception or gustatory chemoreception but you get my drift :)

7/14/2022 2:15:00 PM

Andy H

Brooklyn Corner, Nova Scotia

I messaged John right after I read his post for the application rate. Very helpful.

7/14/2022 3:25:06 PM


Garwolf, I always try to encourage people to read all threads and diaries because one does not know when a little nugget of information will show up even from a non heavy hitter that was talking to one of the top knowledge growers. One way to figure out the growers from there diaries is to watch the diaries, see where the pumpkin was weighed at and then the GPC info page will help a person figure out who they are most times. By reading the posts even when it does not apply to you now, it can help down the road and affect the way you ask the question.

7/14/2022 6:35:14 PM


Do not fall into the trap of only coming on to the site when you need help and remember by learning as much as you can it will help you down the road because you or other newbies might become the knowledgeable growers. i have seen people telling others not to bother learnig but to just ask a question and take the easy way but that is a detriment to becoming a go to person and is just plain bad advice.
Remember when you read something to DYDD
Sorry for the double post, accidently hit the submit button.

7/14/2022 6:44:28 PM

KC Kevin

Mission Viejo, CA

I got a tidbit from IanP this last week: If the tendrils are sticking out and keeping the vine from settling where you want, then gently bend it in half.

Reading between the lines, it appears they don't cut them off. I used to always cut the tendrils or pinch them off when pruning. More cuts =more risk of rot....

7/14/2022 7:27:06 PM


Syracuse, NY

And while we're at it, my 5 cents (inflation) is to fold them under their vines, just like a kickstand - I personally am not gentle about it, lol---eg

7/15/2022 3:01:56 AM


Longourditude -122.16

I learn every time someone does something wrong and posts about it. Most people would naturally rather post what works than what doesn't work. But I really appreciate the posts where things didn't work. Failure isn't as happy as success, but in terms of learning... I think maybe its good to share failures too.

7/15/2022 3:15:29 AM

Smallmouth (Team Ozark)


Garwolf, always consider your location, climate, and all other growing conditions when reading. What works for a guy in a dry greenhouse on the west coast might not work for a you in Pennsylvania. I saw a post the other day where 85 was "hot", and people saying that was why pollinations were failing. I'd pay money for below 95 for 3 days, but that isn't happening.

I absorb it all knowing a lot of the info is universal, but also understand sometimes it might not apply to me.

7/15/2022 8:51:02 AM


Kutztown, PA

I like to ask questions for sure but I generally "trust but verify" and try to do some homework. I usually find my "black and white", i.e. binary thinking doesn't work in the pumpkin world. Like Gridiot implies, I usually have to learn from my mistakes and try and pickup some common since along the way. Just hard headed I guess. :) I appreciate any opinion or knowledge that comes up here. It's all valuable and it's good to get opposing views. By the way I found out on this site and by trial - cucumber beetles don't like the taste of carbaryl either :)

7/15/2022 8:56:55 AM


Westmoreland, KS

95 Luke you got a cool front going through?

7/15/2022 1:27:33 PM


Torrance, Ca.

Luke cool,,,,,,,,,,,, lol! I've traveled through that area, I don't know how some of you guys do it!

I grow right on the coast, 72 with a cool sea breeze most every day. The beach is 1\2 mile from my patch. That's why I had to build a greenhouse, to get the temps up.

My hats off to all you guys that grow in those hot temps! Working in the patch hard when its hot must just be a bear!!!:(

7/15/2022 7:53:47 PM


Roseville CA

So.Cal.Grower your lucky down in south CA lol. Here in Roseville, I would be happy if it wasn't 100 degrees. All 3 of my pollinations were done on days that were 105, and 103... sigh I should post a screenshot of my weather onto BP.

7/15/2022 8:51:39 PM


Torrance, Ca.

I'm friends with a bunch of growers up that way. I know the heat you can go through! Tough stuff and lots of misting!

Keep up the hard work this year!;)

7/16/2022 9:11:39 AM

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