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Subject:  Vines fried

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JABC2 (Jordan)

British Columbia, Canada

One of my plants got fried by the sun a couple days ago, every vine tip is dead. I also removed every tertiary bud (whoops) the night before so currently there's nowhere for it to produce new growth. Is it possible it could recover and produce new vine buds or should I just stick with the amount of plant that I already have? Plant is about 150 sqft.

7/14/2022 12:47:02 PM

KC Kevin

Mission Viejo, CA

Ugh that's so disappointing! Extra buds often develop on my plant, but never where you'd want them, and they usually just drain the plant of energy. Feels like you may unwillingly be in the 150 square foot contest Jordan.

7/14/2022 1:19:43 PM


Jericho Vermont

Don’t give up on it yet Jordan. Take care of it for the next couple of weeks with water and protection. The plant might generate many new vines.

7/14/2022 6:50:52 PM

JABC2 (Jordan)

British Columbia, Canada

Will do, thanks guys. I think next year I'll buy some shade cloth.

7/15/2022 3:11:55 PM


Roseville CA

One of my plants had 0 Secondaries at 20 ft until I de-headed it, then the secondaries literally came out of no where, and now although only DAP 6 it is the fastest grower in the patch. The plant was super aggressive so I decided to give it a chance, so don’t give up! I am sure you will also get lots more buds.

You might want to USA shade cloth like you said, but I am not sure what your weather is like. I’m not an expert, but I think if your weather dose not go 95+ too often you can get away with vine tip covers. They can protect the weak tender vine tips on a very hot day.

7/17/2022 1:29:26 PM

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