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Subject:  What clubs are in North Carolina?

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Mike F.

Hanson Ma

Have a friend that moved down there and asked me for seeds. I wanted to hook him up with a club down there if he had questions. And to get some local experience too.

7/13/2022 4:08:42 PM


Syracuse, NY

You'll wanna provide your contact info - (*_*) - eg

7/14/2022 3:22:43 AM

Mike F.

Hanson Ma

Mike F.
Posted in the general message board.
Figured NC something something pumpkins growers could be answered here.

7/14/2022 8:23:17 AM


Arden, NC

Mike, email me at letrfly@att.net. We'll try to get your guy fixed up with a grower near him. Z.

7/18/2022 3:01:34 PM

Mike F.

Hanson Ma

Email doesn’t seem to work.

7/19/2022 6:14:52 PM

Mike F.

Hanson Ma

Worked that time. Thank you.

7/20/2022 5:00:16 AM

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