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Subject:  What is one seed you are thankful that you grew

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Westmoreland, KS

OK so you can only choose one seed are thankful that you were able to grow in the past and would like to grow again in the future for me it is a very tough decision but I would have to go with the 1989.5 daletas

11/26/2020 10:28:43 AM


Dillonvale, Ohio

1795.5 McCracken. Easy pick for me, it grew my 2 biggest.

11/26/2020 11:13:51 AM

Bubba Presley

Muddy Waters

The 2145 McMullen paid $530 for the seed supported a club & grew a New State record. Good Deal No regrets.

11/26/2020 11:32:36 AM


Plymouth, MN

1810 Werner. Grew me my first HD winner.

11/26/2020 12:12:36 PM


Centennial Colorado

1803 Gadberry. Grew my 511 Ritter and is by far the most agressive side vines I have ever seen.

11/26/2020 1:14:33 PM

Gritty Kins

Banished from Eden

Team up with a beginner and let them pick... its the only foolproof way.

11/26/2020 5:01:56 PM

don young

1068 wallace

11/26/2020 5:30:44 PM


Lancaster MN

I’m thankful for the 2469 Daletas. I always enjoy growing seeds that I receive from the growers and keep them updated throughout the year. The 2469 was a great seed!

11/26/2020 6:05:11 PM

Farmer Brown (Chris Brown)

Nowthen, Minnesota

Growing my World Record Butternut Squash..... oh for pumpkins..... 1501 Vander Wielen Seed that produced my 1464 HD!

11/26/2020 8:07:47 PM


Alexandria, Indiana

1230 Daletas way back in 2005. I fried my plants early and was given the 1230 from Pat Hansen. I had never, at that time grown a pumpkin over 200 pounds (I was 17). The 1230 grew a 644 pound beautiful pumpkin. I will always be thankful for Pat and that plant.

11/26/2020 8:35:53 PM

Just Bill

Bottom of ohio


11/26/2020 8:49:52 PM

Dale M

Anchorage Alaska

2416 haist..2051 lbs in 80 something days , in alaska .. un real..

11/26/2020 11:56:17 PM

Craig G

Reading, Pennsylvania

2075.5 steve connolly. it grew me a 1477 and i was a third year amateur. that was cool

11/27/2020 6:27:32 AM

Bubba Presley

Muddy Waters

Dale I bet that was a HUSKY pumpkin? Nice GROW

11/27/2020 8:22:34 AM


Princeville, IL

811 Gerhardt. Grew my biggest deep orange pumpkin at 823 lbs

11/27/2020 10:12:31 AM

it is what it is

Streator ,Illinois

1756 Howell/Jolivette

11/27/2020 10:40:37 AM

Engel's Great Pumpkins and Carvings

Menomonie, WI (mail@gr8pumpkin.net)

359 Foss 2013...The rest is history. :)

11/27/2020 10:53:33 AM


no.scituate R I

1844 Holub sq seed has changed the weights of the new generation of squash. Also the 615 Cantrell and 996 Haist. Just like the 2009 and 2145 did for pumpkins.

11/27/2020 11:46:21 AM


President - GPC

1649 Lancaster.... grew my biggest ever at 1386, I also loved growing the 2009, 1725, 1016 Deletas a beauty along with the 359 Foss....1625..2145... and I loved me some green squash seeds from Mr Haist, The Northrups... and loved that 901 Hunt a few times...lol All good seeds.... from great growers..

11/27/2020 12:11:11 PM


Westmoreland, KS

Wizzy your cheating you’re only supposed to pick 1!

11/27/2020 12:25:49 PM


Vancouver Washington

In the WAY past, 723 Bobier. In the recent past, 1625 Gantner with 1803 Gadberry. Sorry Jake, to hard to pick one!

11/27/2020 1:24:28 PM


Syracuse, NY

2003 Haist - grew my new PB which is yet to be determined, lol, due to a gap in measurement dates, (frowney) but in the
940 range nonetheless; ALWAYS available males and females - never a day where i could not have paired at least one selfing somewhere on that plant...made 6 crosses with and to it that i'll have seeds from to try in '21. eg

11/27/2020 1:48:44 PM


President - GPC

No one can choose just one :)

11/27/2020 2:44:22 PM



2145, 1991 and 2183. If I have to choose one, it is 2183, without a doubt. I will grow it, 2 or 3 more years at least.

11/27/2020 3:29:47 PM


1795 Mc cracken I have grown it twice in 2017 and 2020 but it failed to explode its potential due to root nematode problems I will return to sow 1795 in 2021 it will be grown in a new place with good soil preparation I strongly believe in this seed and I am anxious for 2021 :-)

11/27/2020 4:06:33 PM


Cape Breton Nova Scotia

1795 McCracken here too. I was a new grower when I grew it. The pumpkin only weighed 680lbs 36% heavy to chart but I grew my 680 this year and it grew my new personal best 1388lbs. I'm looking forward to growing the 1795 in 2021.

11/27/2020 6:46:53 PM


Johnston, R.I.

1059 Vincent McGill

11/28/2020 1:38:15 AM


Buffalo, MN (Billsbigpumpkins@hotmail.com)

Al Berard's 8xx grew a beautiful 800 lb pumpkin first year I grew AGs.

11/28/2020 1:14:02 PM


Ironton, ohio

933Berard rookie season produced a fine 537 pounder

11/28/2020 4:55:32 PM


Bloomfield, Iowa

1742 Wolf.

11/29/2020 10:03:23 PM



907 young, produced a beauty

12/1/2020 5:02:46 AM



1676.5 Daletas hands down

12/1/2020 7:59:59 AM

Rick j.

stoughton WI

1057 howell, grew our 1756 h/j

12/1/2020 6:08:09 PM


The store bought one that got me hooked on growing these.

12/1/2020 8:20:14 PM



I was quite fond of the 603.5 Muller 03 seed(which I grew a few times). It grew my personal best of 1041 lbs. in 2007. It tended to produce nice orange pumpkins that went about 10% heavy to the chart.

12/2/2020 2:50:52 AM

Big T Hoff

Hadley Ny

907 Young (1059 x self) It produced my prettiest kin 2 years in a row and the prettiest one I ever grew. Grew PG and Abbynormal some beauties in the red zone

12/2/2020 2:38:14 PM



1110 Wallace

12/3/2020 2:12:14 PM


Westmoreland, KS

so many different seeds. It is fun to see which ones people liked growing. I'm surprised that there wasn't any 2009's or 1725's!

12/3/2020 4:29:43 PM

Porkchop(team sLamMer)

Central NY

The ones I just got from Jack Larue!!...THAnKS JACK!!... it will be a very a merry Christmas!!!!

12/5/2020 12:52:04 PM


Littlerock, WA

2230 Wallace put me on the map in 2016!

12/5/2020 2:11:55 PM

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