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Subject:  Master Gardener Rankings

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Jay Yohe

Pittsburgh, PA

Anybody know where these are posted?

11/9/2020 8:56:48 PM


Willamette Valley, Oregon

We're working on calculating the final results.

Also see this post:

11/10/2020 1:11:07 AM


Willamette Valley, Oregon

Here's a list of contenders, anyone not on the list that should be please post:
Ansems, Catharina
Ansems, Frank
Ansems, Fred
Ansems, Marilyn
Ansems, Shirley
Ashton, Courtney
Beal, Jim
Boutain, Jeff
Brown, Chris
Butler, John
Caspers, Rusty
Cole, Michael
Court, Douglas A.
Court, Louise
Dietrich, Bjoern
Dyson, Clint
Epperson, Greg
Farrell, Travis
Faust, Del&Julie
Fleser, Dan
Gerhardt, Jim
Goell, Johannes
Harnica, John
Harp, Family
Harrington, Paul
Herve, Berthelot
Holewa, Piotr
Jaglarz, Mario
Johnston, Art
Jutras, Joe
Karkos, Udo
Kiger, Mark&Alice
Kline, Todd
Kloch, Kevin
Kyle, Norman
Laskiewicz, Maciej
Leach, Curtis
Macdonald, Christopher
Mace, Richard
Martin, Glen&Margaret
Mccallum, David
Meck, Elijah
Melka, Friedrich
Olsen, Owen
Pirhonen, Laura
Prochaska, Tony
Ritter, Leif
Sadler, Ric
Sekreta, Matt
Sippel, Cole
Terry, Jeremy
Tobeck, Cindy
Treece, Jef
Vial, Andrew
Warner, Jeff
Yohe, Jay

11/10/2020 1:18:30 AM

owen o

Knopp, Germany

That is a nice list of really great growers. I personally do not belong on this list. My tomato split on the way to the event. Was not a bad split, barely open on the bottom. Hairline, but was not perfect. Good luck to all.

11/11/2020 3:48:31 PM

Porkchop(team sLamMer)

Central NY

Congratulations to anyone who completed this. One of the most nerve wracking challenges in this sport. Way to grow!

11/11/2020 5:17:21 PM

Gritty Kins

Banished from Eden

owen... gpc rule #2 for tomatoes is that such splits can be acceptable if they arent leaking. Maybe you do belong in the list? You can save your list worries for Saint Nicolaus.

11/11/2020 5:29:23 PM

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