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Subject:  What to do?

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Andy H

Brooklyn Corner, Nova Scotia

This split formed just after a female ready to open. Should I just leave it or cut it after the female? Andy suggestions appreciated.



7/9/2020 11:43:23 AM

Andy H

Brooklyn Corner, Nova Scotia

Any suggestions, not Andy

7/9/2020 11:44:01 AM


New Brunswick

Should heal if secured and left to grow

7/9/2020 12:44:29 PM

Green Toe


That will heal

7/9/2020 1:17:28 PM

Smallmouth (Team Ozark)


I had a really bad "one of those" once. It will heal, but keep it dry.


7/9/2020 1:24:49 PM

Andy H

Brooklyn Corner, Nova Scotia

Thanks guys, that’s good news.

7/9/2020 1:50:18 PM


Anamosa, IA BPIowegian@aol.com

It is past the pumpkin, so I wouldn't worry too much. We have had vine splits before the pumpkin and they still did OK.

7/9/2020 8:58:58 PM


Syracuse, NY

perhaps it's caused by a too-sharp bend in the vine...maybeeee use the actual vine to make the curve with over several points rather than a 90-degree right at the fruit-to-be. i'm no one to talk, as i tend to put a stake in @ 1-2 ft. on both sides of the stem of the 100-pounder and pull it away from the vine THEN, and more and more as the fruit approaches the vine, if that makes any sense. --- eg

7/9/2020 9:25:14 PM


Syracuse, NY

i just realized that we all are using what used to be a PLANT to secure a PLANT - if you bend a piece of bamboo around a sharp corner and it partially snaps, that's what i'm talking about - eg

7/9/2020 9:32:52 PM

Andy H

Brooklyn Corner, Nova Scotia

I’m experiencing a lot of issues mainly because only 3 months ago my garden was forest. With a lot of work and we turned the area into a “rough” garden. It’s all good except for the explosion of cuke bugs that I can’t control. Beets, tomatoes, zucchini’s all doing great. Pumpkin plants, marrows, peppers all doing poorly. This will be a learning year I think.
Having fun though!

7/9/2020 9:39:53 PM


Syracuse, NY

that IS what matters - if not for the weed known as 'Lawn', i'd'a gotten something done on my AG plants today, lol; took me so long to sharpen the blades and balance them + jiggle the mower clutch wire and pray it worked (yes!) that i got tired and came in here to 'rest' a while - and then, there's that computer, lol - DO go NUTS with manure/green manure and anything to loosen up the soil in the interim; i have a perfect NEXT growing spot myself, but yeah, if not too willing to throw $$ into compost + delivery, it can take years to loosen it up to just how you want it---eg

7/11/2020 6:49:10 PM

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