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Engel's Great Pumpkins and Carvings

Menomonie, WI (mail@gr8pumpkin.net)

Jodi had her Mastectomy on Friday, they found No Cancer in her Lymph Nodes or in the margins of the Chest Tissue. This was the outcome we were wishing and praying for. The Cancer had spread all through out her Ductile Tissue was Stage 1A but had not become invasive and spread to other parts of the vascular system or regions of the body. Now we rebuild what was removed and get my Pumpkin Carving Queen. Ladies do your self exams, and your annual mammograms. If something does not feel right demand action and answers. If we had listened to the first Dr. This would have likely killed her. Men make sure your women are getting their mammograms.

6/21/2020 8:12:21 AM

Porkchop(team sLamMer)

Central NY

This is really good news!..our best to the both of you as you work your way through this. Can’t wait to see this years carvings!!

6/21/2020 10:09:50 AM

Smallmouth (Team Ozark)


Good to hear, wish you all the best.

6/21/2020 10:48:34 AM

Suburban Gardener

Western Washington

Glad to hear Jodi is doing well! Take care over there!

6/21/2020 11:50:39 AM

G. Kins

Pirates of the Pacific

Way to fight! Best wishes.

6/21/2020 12:39:36 PM


Central Illinois

Good news!

6/22/2020 5:55:33 AM

big moon

Bethlehem CT

Great news!

6/22/2020 7:09:02 AM

Nana Rea

Massillon, Ohio

The love and support you show will get you through this. Take care, be patient, and this too shall pass. Wishing you the best.

6/22/2020 9:24:45 AM

26 West

Swamp Hoggers Paradise

Happy to read the good news.Jim

6/22/2020 10:05:11 AM

26 West

Swamp Hoggers Paradise

Happy to read the good news.Jim

6/22/2020 10:05:12 AM


President - GPC

I know your pain, by experience. Great news and keep fighting.

6/22/2020 12:29:44 PM

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