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Subject:  Super Size your Soluble Seaweed at Holland's

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Washington State

Special offer for BP folks. We have 2 pallets of the finest Soluble Seaweed Powder available: 1-1-17 plus 62 trace minerals, betraines, auxins, gibberellins and cytokinins. Dissolves instantly in water. So concentrated you can use 1 tsp. per gal. When you order 10.7 oz., we will send a full pound. When you order 2 1/2 lbs.,
we will ship 3 lbs. When you order 5 lbs., we will give 6 lbs. Shipping is included anywhere in U.S.A. To get the Super Size offer: When you order on our site and it takes you to Paypal for payment, there is a line "Instructions from buyer" or "Instructions to Merchant" Just type in SSSS for "Super Size my Soluble Seaweed" Any questions you can email us at hollandsgiants@msn.com You can read more about our wonderful soluble seaweed powder at www.hollandsgiants.com We also have a super size my Pumpkin Power offer posted on BP on the "Fertilizer & Watering page.
Email us for special offers on larger sizes as well.

Thanks, Joel & Mari Lou

3/29/2020 1:14:31 PM

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