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Subject:  Bonus Packs at tonight's GPC Auction

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We will be offering Bonus seeds for all winning bids over $100. Cindy Tobeck and Woody Lancaster and maybe another will donate a sets of seeds from 2019. Details to be announced tonight at the Auction. See You There Woody

3/28/2020 1:45:59 PM


Tenino, WA.

Hi Woody I will see you and raise the bid. I will add 20 tomato seeds to each lot that goes for more than $100. The seeds will be from my heaviest tomatoes for each of the last 4 years. I will include 5 seeds each from the 7.19 (big Zach), 6.52 (big Zach), 6.93(delicious) & 5.74 (Domingo).

3/28/2020 2:42:17 PM




3/28/2020 6:09:19 PM


President - GPC

And Free Shipping for all seeds purchased at this nights auction.. Now how can you beat that! See you in a few


3/28/2020 7:21:22 PM


Spokane Washington

Guys can you verify the pollinator on your last lot (2005 Haist) if it is our 1803 Gadberry I am in so I can save a seasons worth of crosses! LOL

3/28/2020 7:50:10 PM


Wooley Swamp N.Y.

should be 2005 Haist 2018 1867.5 Barron x 2003 Haist s

3/28/2020 7:55:34 PM


Peosta, Iowa

Added to auction board, during auction, thanks Karl!

3/28/2020 10:24:02 PM

curtlave (team extreme)

Sourthern Utah

hey woody, dont forget the unlimited phone consultation, lol, looking forward to chatting,, curtlave@hotmail.com. for buying lot #2 last night,,

3/29/2020 1:32:19 PM

Suburban Gardener

Western Washington

Thank you for the fun auction, everyone!

3/29/2020 3:44:16 PM


Spokane Washington

The 1803 bonus seeds went out in the mail March 30th. Good luck with them Elyjia Mec, and thank you for supporting the GPC auction!

Gerry & Dani,

4/2/2020 9:52:59 PM

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