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Subject:  Last Chance GPC Seed Auction this Saturday 8PM ET

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President - GPC

Come share the friendship this Saturday at the GPC's Last Chance seed auction. Enjoy the comradery, brag about your cucumber, and have a great time... Hope to see you all there... Stay Safe, Stay Calm, and Stay home....


3/26/2020 12:12:15 PM


South Dakota

Where on this site do you go to for the auction action? I'm new yet.

3/26/2020 12:55:49 PM


On home page there is in the center a link to the seed auction details and down towards bottom left you will see in chat activity a link for the GPC auction.

3/26/2020 2:15:41 PM


If you have just I screen may I suggest that you print off action details and pay attention to things like number of lots. If you win a multi lot, it is up to you how many you want at your winning bid. If the winning bidder does not want them all, the next runner up gets to buy at their bid and so om till that lot is finished. Not sure if they are all singles or not till I read details again.
Any more questions, just ask and we will help so you are somewhat prepared on how it works.

3/26/2020 2:22:01 PM


Do not see any multi lots.

3/26/2020 2:24:35 PM


South Dakota

So it is in that chat room that the auction takes place? I have looked over the lots and info, will be attending for sure. Thanks.

3/26/2020 5:01:40 PM

Porkchop(team sLamMer)

Central NY

Seeya there!

3/26/2020 5:26:38 PM

Orange U. Glad


If you go to the home page and click on the chat button in the left hand box you will see that the GPC Auction is one of the chat rooms listed.

For the love of God, ignore any post that sends you to the cucumber forum. :-)

3/26/2020 5:50:43 PM


Oak Grove, Mn

yes, on the date listed, there will be a chat room for the auction. I hope this can become an annual event. The last chance auction from the GPC.

3/26/2020 5:51:39 PM


President - GPC

I know we listed a 20 $ fee for shipping out of US, but really Canada is not out of the US...lol So please Will be only the nominal bubble fee to ship to Canada. We understand....

Lets All attend, just to have a great time....

Friends in Growing...

Your GPC

3/26/2020 8:46:28 PM


President - GPC

Current shipping to CA is around 12 $ so we will adjust to that... 12 > Canada... 20 > Europe... Thanks All

3/26/2020 9:20:06 PM


President - GPC

Special Auction for sure... Bring your Alcohol so we can KILL the spread of the Pain... Grow BIG and Grow THIS Year....

3/26/2020 10:01:22 PM


President - GPC

Due to the current pandemic, the GPC is waiving shipping fee costs on all seeds in the auction this Saturday that the bid is OVER 50$. We would like to encourage VICTORY patches of veggies and giant pumpkins across Great Mother Earth....
We want to encourage growing of all kinds... Let'Z GROW BIG

Hope to see you all Saturday night for some good Ole Grower LOVE.....

Your GPC Committee

3/27/2020 8:10:26 PM


Guelph, Ontario

I have had seeds ship to me , in Canada, for anywhere from $3.00 to $12.00.

So extra cost of shipping to Canada should be about $5.00 for the extra. You need to subtract amount to ship to a USA address from actual cost to ship to Canada to determine what extra cost is.

3/28/2020 9:51:16 AM

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