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Subject:  Drip tape spacing?

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Greencastle, PA

What is the best spacing for dip tape? I’m switching from soaker hoses to drip tape this year and want to be sure I do it right.

3/26/2020 12:36:49 AM


Merrimack NH

It depends on your soil type. If you have a heavy loam or clay soil that holds water, you want to go about 18 inches apart. If you real sandy soil that doesn't retain water very well, then you would want to be more like about a foot apart.

3/26/2020 10:07:05 AM

andy W

Western NY

16 inches on center here, with good drainage.

3/26/2020 11:13:04 AM


Whidbey Island

Do a quick test with a moisture meter. Put out the strips 12, 15 and 18 inches apart and run the water. Use the meter to give you an idea of the moisture between the drip hoses and see which spacing seems to do the best for you.

3/26/2020 11:45:38 AM



I do 18" spacing perpendicular to the main.Sandy loam soil.Makes for good spacing between the early secondaries. I';m gonna try diamond pruning pattern this year but will use same spacing on drip tape

3/26/2020 2:18:06 PM


Vancouver Washington

We run ours same spacing and direction as cojoe. I've tried it running parallel to the main but prefer the "new" way. It is nice to run and bury secondaries right on top of your drip tape and the spacing seems to match the plant's vine spacing.IMHO

3/28/2020 8:16:37 AM


Penryn CA

This is what Dripworks.com sent me :
First here are some link to recourses on our website to help you design your system.


Second, you will want to know your Flow and Pressure rates from your spigot. https://www.dripworks.com/resources/calculators/flow-estimator this is a link to our flow estimator that comes with a video that shows you how to find how many gallons per hour you have available.

And to measure your pressure you will need a pressure gauge. https://www.dripworks.com/pressure-gauges-liquid-filled
You can also find these at your local hardware store.

with these bits of information we can look into what mainlines you can use and how much driptape can be used at once.

3/31/2020 1:26:36 AM

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